Mahtab Narsimhan

Author Visits

Author Visits


I tailor my presentations to the age of my audience and make them fun and interactive. My talk is peppered with personal anecdotes about the challenges I face when I write, as well as tips and tricks I use to meet my daily goal of 1500 words. Each presentation is 50 minutes in duration with 10 minutes for Q&A. I also talk about the catalyst that took me from being a high-powered corporate executive to becoming a writer.

My books include a strong element of my Indian roots and I encourage discussions and questions on world cultures, and especially diversity. I immigrated to Canada in 1997 and am happy to share the struggles I faced while trying to fit into Canada.

I talk about the research and planning that goes into each book. I’m writing one about Mars at the moment and hope to get funding to do first-hand research.

Writing Workshop Topics:

    • Creative writing – Fiction
    • The Danger of a Single Story
    • New Immigrant and Fitting into Canada
  • Myth and Magic

Equipment: A mike, table, projector screen and multi-plug power socket. Flip-chart and markers for workshops.

Venue : All, though libraries and classrooms preferred.

Maximum number of students per session: 100 for presentations and 16 for workshops. This is slightly flexible so please contact me to discuss.