Mahtab Narsimhan

Mahtab Narsimhan

When aspiring photographer Dylan Moore is invited to join his best friend, Rohit Lal, on a family vacation to India, he jumps at the chance to escape his parents’ bitter fighting and go on an exciting journey just like his Lord of the Rings heroes, Frodo and Sam—except with less walking and lots of amazing food and photo ops. How hard can it be for a street- smart New Yorker to navigate India?

Turns out, really hard. Learn More.

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Even though she only left Mumbai a few months ago, Shivani isn’t feeling like such an outsider anymore. She likes her new school. She finally has a best friend. But when her mother volunteers for the school’s annual fundraiser, Shivani is sure she will completely embarrass her. Especially if she cooks one of the “stinky” dishes that Shivani loves but is too ashamed to eat in front of her friends.

On the day of the fair, the moment Shivani walks into the gym she knows her worst fears have come true: the unmistakable scent of Indian spices is in the air. Will she still have friends after the fair or is she doomed to move to another school?

Available at a bookstore near you on 29 Jan, 2019


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