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Presentation : 1 hour

Mahtab’s virtual presentations are tailored to the age of her audience and peppered with personal anecdotes about the challenges she faces as a writer. She likes to conduct a fun and interactive session with her audience and invites participation by the students via thoughtful questions. Her books include a strong element of her Indian roots, and she encourages discussions and questions about her culture as well as diversity in children’s literature.
Mahtab immigrated to Canada in 1997 and she shares the struggles she faced while trying to fit in and the steps she took to overcome those challenges.
She will also share the inspiration for her stories, her writing process, and tips to improve your writing.
She is comfortable with Zoom or Skype but is happy to work with the School’s or Library’s preferred technology platform.


Grades 4-6 (ages 9-12) and grades 7-8 (ages 12-14)

Workshop 1: Character: 1 hour
Max : 16 participants

  • We start by discussing some favourite characters in middle-grade/upper middle-grade fiction and why they’re so beloved by readers.
  • What is it about these characters that makes readers want to know more, to identify with them, and root for them?
  • What types of characters do you find in novels and what are their functions in making a story move forward? Do we need them all? Is it better to have a wide cast of characters or fewer?
  • We’ll figure out the elements that make a character appealing and three-dimensional. Special emphasis will be on the main character and the villain.
  • Finally, participants will fill up a worksheet to create their own character and share with the class for constructive feedback.
  • If time permits, I will share some important tips to improve your writing.

Workshop 2: Plot: 1 hour
Max : 16 participants

  • We start by discussing what is a plot arc and why stories need them.
  • We’ll discuss the elements of a good plot. What does every story need to make it fast-faced, fun, and how does one develop multiple plot threads?
  • How can we raise the stakes and increase the tension in a plot?
  • We’ll discuss the types of plots you normally find in middle-grade/upper middle-grade fiction and the key elements of those plot structures.
  • Finally, the participants and I will plot out a story together so they can put their knowledge to practical use and will be ready to plot their own stories.
  • If time permits, I will share some important tips to improve your writing.

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