Mahtab Narsimhan

Frequently asked Questions

Then I answer email for about 10-15 minutes and walk my Golden, Coby. By 9am I’m at my desk ready to start my day job and work till 5pm.
In the evening I answer some more emails, do research, critique friends’ manuscripts or catch up on my reading.

And yes, I do take mornings off occasionally when I’ve stayed up late the night before. But since I have an approximate daily and weekly quota, I try to make up for lost days on other days of the week. It’s hard, but now that writing every morning has become a habit, I feel guilty when I miss a single day.

Btw, research shows that it takes about 2 weeks to form a habit (ever wonder why fast-food chains offer free coffee for 2 weeks before they start charging?) For all you procrastinators out there, remember – continue an activity (maybe writing, reading, cleaning your room…homework) for 2 weeks and voila, it’s a habit.

What aspect of being a writer drives you nuts?

The glacial pace at which things move in this industry. In fact, due to global warming, even glaciers melt faster than it takes a book to get published.

I’m impulsive and impatient and yet neither my husband, nor I, can understand how I can spend endless hours, days, months perfecting a manuscript, sending it out, waiting for a response, getting rejections and then going through it all over again.

All I can say in my defense is : I LOVE it. I cannot think of doing any other job that would make me as happy as being a writer.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Everywhere! From real life situations, conversations I eavesdrop on, unusual faces and emotions that resonate with me. All these ideas gather in my mind. They mix, mingle, multiply and a story germinates.

What made you write The Third Eye?

When my father passed away in 2003, I was devastated. It was the first time I had experienced death at such close quarters. To me, books are a perfect means to travel, to imagine, and to escape from the routine of life. My favourite genre is Fantasy.

I didn’t come across many books with an Indian setting and thought I should fill the void. Indian Mythology is just as fascinating as European or Greek mythology, and if woven through a fast-paced plot, would make for very interesting reading. And so was born the idea of writing The Third Eye; a fantasy-adventure based in India with a generous dollop of its rich culture and mythology to spice it up.

What did you read as a child?

A lot of anything and everything that caught my fancy. I was in trouble with my school librarian often, because we were allowed to borrow only three books at a time and somehow I managed to borrow twice that amount!

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