Mahtab Narsimhan

Embrace The Chicken

Praise for Embrace The Chicken

-Booklist Feb 1, 2019
“Narsimhan presents an honest look at the dilemmas faced by teens as they transition from one culture to another, while simultaneously showing the strength of familial support and love. This quick read in the Orca Currents series is filled with angst tinged with humor and explores topics relevant to the lives of teens.”

-CM Magazine, Volume XXV / Issue 21 – February 8 / 2019
“Cultural differences can make life difficult when a family first moves to a new country. As a teen, fitting in is more important than anything else. With customs, food, dress and language all different, fitting in is very difficult. Embrace the Chicken tells the story of a young teenage girl trying with all her might to fit in and be like every other student in her school. This is an honest, heartwarming story that any student will understand because teens need to fit in, cultural differences or not. Perhaps reading this well-written story will help teens support those who are different no matter what their differences may be.”

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