Mahtab Narsimhan


Travel to the colorful and chaotic streets of India from the comfort of your home in this hilarious and heartfelt story.



The bloated body of a dead cat suddenly popped up in front of me. I yelped and swerved.
“DYLAN, watch out!” yelled Rohit.
Too late. I lost my balance and plunged into the filthy, murky water. I flailed around and opened my mouth. Big Mistake. A plastic bag sailed in. I gagged, throwing up and swallowing at the same time. Blackness clouded my vision. This was it. The End. Goodbye, Mom, Dad, Ro. I love you all.

Praise for Mission Mumbai

“An adrenaline-charged exploration of Mumbai with two likable guides.” – Kirkus.

“Think of the lightness of Gordon Korman’s books with the flavours of Rohinton Mistry for middle-grade readers. It’s a dazzling combination of characters, atmosphere, plot and humour.” – Canlit for Little Canadians

“The boy’s situation, in which a friendship that jogged along well in one setting strains at the seams in another, rings true, and the fact that the tension manifests in sulkiness and sniping
rather than a set-to augments the credibility.” –Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books.

“At its best, this novel paints an uncompromising picture of the harsh realities of poverty and Western privilege and provides readers with a striking illustration of India’s customs and cuisine. Both Dylan and Rohit are believable characters, and their mounting conflict will make sense to readers.” – School Library Journal

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