Mahtab Narsimhan


The harrowing conclusion to the Tara Trilogy answers these questions and more.


“The plot goes forward at a fast pace, steadily building up throughout the whole book until the surprising end. This makes for a quick read. I actually made myself put the book down so I wouldn’t finish it in a day; I wanted to savour it a little longer. I really appreciate that Ms. Narsimhan has created a trilogy where each book stands on its own quite well. Not all authors succeed at this and some don’t even try, but I don’t like to read trilogies where each book feels like I’ve just read one part of a much longer book. Each book here has its own individual plot that is not dependant on the other books, though they are held together by a related plot theme. Book three finds redemption from acts started in book one. Very well done and I highly recommend this series. I hope Ms. Narsimham has something else in the works for us next!”

Nicola Mansfield, Chapters/Indigo Top Blogger

“This final piece of the trilogy finds Tara still learning, still maturing and having to make difficult decisions. She often stands alone, not always able to trust the villagers or even her own family. Unlike many young adult novels, there is no fairy tale ending to The Deadly Conch, and not all of the ‘good guys’ survive. However Tara realizes just how strong and self-reliant she can be in the face of both danger and sorrow. Perhaps this is the theme Narsimhan wishes to stress.

The Deadly Conch will appeal to any who are interested in world literature and in the culture of India in particular. Many foods and items of clothing are referred to by their Hindi names, and this language adds authenticity to the book. Although these terms are easily understood in context, Narsimhan has included a short glossary at the end of the novel. Readers of many genres will enjoy this novel as it crosses the boundaries of fantasy, mythology, adventure and coming of age novel.”

Review by Ann Ketcheson for CM Magazine

Highly Recommended.

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