Mahtab Narsimhan



“The Third Eye, the first volume of the trilogy, was winner of the 2009 Silver Birch Award, and this sequel lives up to readers’ expectations. Young adults will savor the action and adventure on every page while teachers and librarians will see the book as a valuable addition to any study of world literatures and cultures.”
– Canadian Materials Magazine

“This beautifully written and lyrical book bring s various figures in Indian mythology to life in a compelling story about family, love, courage and determination. Tara is a wonderful heroine exemplifying the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity.”
– Resource Links

“Mahatab Narsimhan has done a really good job giving mythology an engrossing modern plot. Read it for a quick adventurous read.”
The Guardian 2012-09-01

“If you like reading any story about adventure, suspense and exploration, The Silver Anklet is the best choice!”
– Claremont Reads Blog


The patch of sunlight at the edge of the forest had an odd look; dirty yellow and striped. Tara squinted hard and before her very eyes it moved, took shape, stood up: a yellow-eyed hyena! Glistening ropes of drool swung from its powerful jaws. It opened its mouth revealing a jagged row of dirty teeth. It laughed.

“Ananth!” yelled Tara. She stumbled backward at the edge of the fairgrounds, not taking her eyes off the beast that hadn’t taken its eyes off her. She whirled round. “COME QUICK!”

Ananth dropped the ice-lollies he had just bought from a vendor and ran toward her. “What’s the matter?” he called out. “What happened?”

“Faster! Oh my God! Just look.” Tara was paralyzed by the vision. The hyena retreated into thick bushes at the edge of the forest till only his snout showed.

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