Mahtab Narsimhan



“Mahtab Narsimhan is a mystical and captivating new voice in Canadian Children’s literature.”
– Canadian Children’s Book News

“Tara is a wonderful heroine exemplifying the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity.”
– Resource Links

“Thank you, Tara, and Mahtab Narsimhan, for a delightful series of adventures.”
– Canadian Materials magazine

“This book is really interesting and every chapter is equally exciting. The sentences are easy to understand and each sentence is a small burst of excitement which makes you want to read on.”
Groovy Dhruv, The Guardian Children’s Books, 2012


Moonlight filtered in through the window in the front room, making bright patterns on the mud floor. Tara shivered as a frigid gust of wind ruffled through the straw on the roof and swept in through the cracks. A cloud moved across the face of the moon and plunged the room into momentary darkness . Tara moved closer to Suraj, the warmth of his body comforting her. She was thankful for the thick, woollen clothes, which afforded some padding on the cold, hard floor. She could not sleep. In the distance, she heard a stray dog barking. The incessant sounds of lizards, as they ran around the outer wall of the hut seeking flies, kept her company. The cloud passed and moonlight lay in silver puddles on the floor once again.

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