Mahtab Narsimhan


Inspiration behind The Tiffin:

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“ I love the book… it’s a kid’s first Fine Balance.”
Eleanor LeFave of Mabel’s Fables

The Tiffin reviewed in The Quill and Quire
Reviewer: Shannon Ozirny

“Melding the fantastically factual with fiction, Narsimhan sheds light on a relatively unknown part of Mumbai life while simultaneously creating a compelling quest that reads like a classic folk tale. Forgive the groan-inducing wordplay, but a novel this original is one in six million.”

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Chapter One

April 1982

My dearest A,

I’m so scared! You have to meet me tonight …

Anahita stared at the note. The letters glared back at her. She imagined Anurag reading it, trying to absorb the news. His green eyes would widen, he’d take a deep breath, exhale. She could imagine every emotion that would play out on his handsome face. What would he do next? Call her? Come running over?

Or would he ignore the note?

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